Professional Christian Hip-Hop artist Steven Malcolm gives his inspirational testimony to He Reigns Gospel Magazine.

You can find 24 year old Gospel Hip-Hop Artist Steven Malcolm on stages from Michigan to Chicago, or from Florida, to California. On this night he is in Indianapolis Indiana, using his tongue with surgical precision as he spits Christian rhymes. With his hypnotic word play Malcolm uses the Gospel of Jesus Christ to sway the youthful crowd before him into the body of Christ. No don’t get it twisted! This is not some ABC rapper using the Bible to get brownie points. Malcolm is a very gifted Wordsmith, and he has enough “swag” to rival your favorite secular Hip-Hop Artist.

It has not always been easy for Mr. Malcolm. Growing up in Grand Rapids Michigan he has seen his share of misfortune. Malcolm did not grow up in a Christian household; that’s not to say that the spirit of God was not in his house at all. He was “familiar” with God and he thought he knew a little about this dude named Jesus.

Malcolm had aspirations to go to the NBA, and become a basketball star. These weren't just pipe dreams, either. Malcolm has serious game. He was a very talented high school player, and scouts from all over the nation were hearing rumors about the kid from Grand Rapids MI. The crowds would cheer when Malcolm would score, the building would shake and Malcolm would look out at all of his fans. What people did not know is that it was one person who Malcolm wanted to be in the crowd but he was not there. His Father; when Malcolm was 10 years old, his Father, who is from Jamaica, was convicted of drug charges and deported back to Jamaica. Steven has never actually laid eyes on him since, and that was only the beginning.

After high school, Malcolm enrolled in Grand Rapids Community College. Malcolm tried out for his college team, but didn’t qualify not for his skills, but for other reasons. Then suddenly things started turning in a different direction. Steven was not then a Gospel Rapper; he was a street rapper. He rapped with a crew out of Grand Rapids called “Xcluzive.” They rapped at clubs and bars and spent most of their time in the studio filled with weed smoke, liquor and women. Stevens’s grades started to fall and eventually he was dropped from the team due to ineligibility. Now, Steven watched his basketball dreams turn to smoke. As basketball was the only thing that kept Steven out of trouble; his problems were really just getting started.

When Malcolm was just 18 years old, his Mother moved away to another state because of her husband’s job and Malcolm stayed with his sister. After a short period, Malcolm decided to live in the studio, partying and very spiritually stagnant. Malcolm tells He Reigns Gospel Magazine that he knew he had hit rock bottom when he found himself rapping about having money when he knew he had none. Malcolm took a look at himself and decided he did not like what he saw. “I’m better than I’m doing” Malcolm would tell himself.

Malcolm heard about a Hip-Hop church called the “Edge” headed by a former Street “B” Boy, named Pastor Troy Evans. When Malcolm stepped into the Edge, his life changed forever. Huge sub woofers beating extremely loud, smoke machines, all colors of people; young people, older people, and a pastor dressed in army fatigues. Malcolm says that the “Edge” filled him with an internal peace that awoke something inside him but he was not quite sure what it was at first.    

  “I need a savior! Can this Jesus dude really save me?” These were the kind of questions Malcolm was asking himself. He started communicating more with Pastor Troy Evans; Pastor Evans told Malcolm to get into the Word! He counseled Malcolm by showing him the true foundation of what it meant to be a Christ following leader.
 As Malcolm began reading his Bible, he was so intrigued and in awe of the Gospel of Jesus, that he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Once Malcolm was saved he started feeling and thinking differently. He went to a party where a beautiful young lady was interested in him; Malcolm turned her down and left the party. He was 19 years old and he heard the Holy Spirit calling after him, so he went searching for it. Malcolm didn’t want to rap or party or play basketball, all he wanted was to get to know as much as he could about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   

When Pastor Evans felt it was time to be a leader, he invited young Malcolm to lead the opening worship at the Edge. The opening worship at the Edge is like none other! Pure Christian HIP-HOP! When Malcolm got that mic in his hand and started spitting anointed rhymes and saw the power of God move though the Church like rolling thunder, he was hooked! He never thought rap could feel better than basketball. Now he knew his true calling; he was not meant to be a basketball star, he was meant to be a star for Jesus. Malcolm has been chosen to shine bright as the NORTH STAR and lead as many people to the kingdom of God 16 bars at a time.

For more information on Steven Malcolm, or how to book him at a theatre near you; please contact 1616-250-7418


                                                                                                    By Michael Wilder



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