The month of January reminds us of second chances, starting over, and more opportunities to “Move Forward” in life.  January is the start of a New Year and people make all kinds of New Year’s resolutions concerning their health and their lives.  The previous year becomes the old year and there are lots of things that we prefer to leave behind in the old year in order to “Move Forward.”

For example; there are lots of things that clutter up our homes.  Things that we hold on to for sentimental reasons.  Things that we no longer use because it is outdated, too small, or doesn’t work well.  We buy things that clutter up our homes just because the price was at a discount.  Our minds have become cluttered just like our houses and that keeps us from “Moving Forward.”

I watched a television show about people who had cluttered homes.  Usually they were people who had troubled lives.  And before the clutter could be removed from their homes, they had to deal with the problem in their lives.  People were holding on to things that belonged to a deceased loved one. They were afraid that the memories would disappear if they got rid of their belongings.  They kept their things to keep their memory alive; because it was too painful to throw them out.  

People with low self-esteem would buy things compulsively; that they did not need, to make themselves feel better about themselves.  Then there were people who had given up on themselves; and did not want to clean up behind themselves.  They were people who had gotten a bad break in life; lost a job, or had serious financial problems, and could not bail themselves out.  They did not want to go forward and fight for a better life.  So they left their homes in a cluttered mess.  

Those are the kinds of people that look at the New Year as an opportunity to “Move Forward” in their lives and leave their problems behind in the previous year. Those are the kinds of people that have said enough is enough and have decided to move forward.   Moving from one year to another allows us to take a good look at our lives and correct some things for our betterment.  To not live in sorrow over a love one; but take joy in their memory.  To build our self-esteem; by forgiving ourselves, and loving ourselves: And by learning to move forward, in-spite of our disappointments in life.  A mind cluttered with negative thoughts; keeps us from thinking about, how we can move forward.  

This is a New Year; and it is time to get the clutter out of our (minds and soul), our earthly house. You may ask the question how?   I say, have a LET GO Attitude.   LET GO of unnecessary thoughts; fill your mind with positive thoughts.  LET GO of worry and pain; give it to God, he will replace it with peace and love.  LET GO of unrealistic goals; take one step at a time.  LET GO of dead relationships; find some new ones that make you feel alive.  The New Year is here: embrace your second change, start over with a fresh outlook on life.  You have another opportunity to “Move Forward” in life.  MAKE THE BEST OF IT.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

          By Rev. Helene Walker


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